About Us


ROCK STAR THREADS is clothing label that is based in Johannesburg South Africa.

Although based in South Africa, RST can presently be found in a decent number of countries around the world. All clothing is hand made in South Africa, supporting various social initiatives.  The conception happened when a love for art, music, fashion, trends and culture came together after a night with mates at a gig, I think we were watching The Used at the Brixton Academy in London in 2004, what a night! I sat down with a pencil and paper when I got home that night in front of the TV and starting drawing as I usually did and a friend of mine, who was from Portugal was keen to take that design and tattoo it onto his shoulder, which was awesome for me. I never let him do it though, instead my band used it for the cover of our first EP release. I did other stuff that he eventually did get inked. This then snowballed into a few more tatts around town and then a few T-shirts were made and printed and the love for the brand grew from there.

A bit more about RST

I then moved back to South Africa and sat down with an HB pencil and a case of markers and the very first ROCK STAR THREADS summer range was created. My vision for the brand back then was just to get back to an awesome T-Shirt with great design on it, definitely something you couldn't get from your run of the mill clothing store. As the brand has grown and matured, so has our vision. We not only strive to create amazing graphics, but strive for quality in a garment in terms of the right fabric, the right fit, the right finish. These are all elements that we have strived to get right from the beginning.

As the name implies, we have created a brand that is solid, innovative, creative, never the same and always surprising! I hate comfort zones. ROCK STAR THREADS is more than just clothing or apparel, but it carries a sense of pride, dignity and quality, which has come from being tried and tested on the streets. We want everyone who wears one of our items to feel better than they've ever felt before with a confidence and a sense of pride! Its never about us and we are constantly humbled that people love our stuff. We are always looking for ways to give back to those less fortunate.

Get on the journey with us and lets have fun together!